A hands-on approach in investments.

As entrepreneur-investors we’re looking for founders that challenge the status quo and bring ideas to life. We are open to invest across every sector were financial success creates meaningful Impact.
Our main focus of investment is Healthcare, Digital Health/ Health IT, Clean Tech and Ed Tech. We have a long-term horizon and deploy a hands-on approach in all our investments.

We are a team of entrepreneurs that have started companies, run big businesses who all started small. We have lived through the highs and lows in people business, financial services, IT and Health industry. Between all of us, we cover every stage, from earliest seed through to explosive growth. Investing as such is not what makes us tick, building together for the long term does.

Cronenburg 75
1081 GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 891 56 15
E-mail: info@surmount.ventures

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