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AHV launches Swine portfolio at Dutch Pork Expo

25 April 2023

AHV, supplier of complementary feeds got off to a very good start. The products show great results in practice and there was a lot of interest at the Expo. AHV was even nominated for the innovation award with a totally new product in pig farming: Aspi Paste. AHV Aspi Paste contains palatable natural plant extracts that stimulate the appetite, metabolism, and immune system of the sow. In case of lactating sows, this has a direct positive effect on colostrum and milk production.

We can look back on a very successful fair. It brought in many new customers and word-of-mouth news about our pig concept is travelling fast. Presenting our animal health concept and innovative solutions during key events is part of the global rollout of our AHV Sow & Piglet portfolio.

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