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FarmTrace announces US $6.5M Series-A fund

11 Juli 2023

FarmTrace has successfully completed a US $6.5 million Series-A round led by Surmount Ventures and CNBB Equity Partners in collaboration with Fulcrum Global Capital and Stage 1 Ventures. Following the investment, FarmTrace will internationally launch its next generation animal farming data & analytics platform that connects to a diverse array of on-farm data sources. With the FarmTrace platform, farmers and their ecosystem partners will significantly benefit from the power of data-driven insights, to optimize animal welfare, enhance production efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future for the farming industry. Entering the next phase, Chris van den Berg, the founder of FarmTrace, has made the decision to step aside to enable new leadership to propel the business forward. He remains a shareholder in the company. To ensure a smooth transition and guide FarmTrace toward its next phase of growth, FarmTrace is pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Wiersma as the new CEO. Having previously held the position of COO at FarmTrace, Jan has made a substantial contribution to this funding round. His extensive expertise, leadership abilities, and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in driving FarmTrace’s ongoing platform innovation and product expansion.

We are delighted to have secured this substantial funding from investors with deep industry knowledge,” said Jan Wiersma, new CEO at FarmTrace. “The Series-A round validates our vision and the impact that we bring to the animal farming industry with our independent platform solution. This funding empowers FarmTrace to further enhance value and efficiency for our customers. We are looking forward to collaborating with all participants in this Series-A round and making a positive impact on animal farming practices through our technology.

Surmount Ventures recognizes the immense potential of Farm Trace’s technology to disrupt the animal farming landscape positively. “We are thrilled to partner with FarmTrace as the lead investor in this funding round,” said Ivo Geijsen, managing partner at Surmount Ventures. “FarmTrace’s platform will revolutionize the way animal farming is conducted. FarmTrace empowers AgTech businesses to make better informed decisions that improve animal well-being, enhance production efficiency, and contribute to sustainability. Everyone at Surmount Ventures is excited to support Jan Wiersma as the new CEO and his team on their mission to provide value to FarmTrace customers.

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