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Moving Intelligence and Echoes join forces

18 Januari 2024

Moving Intelligence, leading the way in secure asset tracking, sustainable fleet management and smart mobility, announces its partnership with Echoes, the recognized leading force in next-generation vehicle data solutions. The combined group will create an undisputed European leader in smart connected vehicle solutions serving customers across 10 European countries with 500,000 connected active assets projected by year-end.

Echoes provides fleet management and security solutions by directly connecting to OEM inbuilt telematics units without hardware, thus greatly reducing installation costs, the downtime of any fleet as well as the cost to manage and cost to serve for fleet operators. Echoes integrates across a wide spectrum of new vehicles (>90%) with its OEM compatibility consistently growing. The company is based in France with the majority of its footprint outside of its home country, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy, Spain, and the Nordics.

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